The collaborative duo known as RoCoCo is comprised of KC Rosenberg and Modesto Covarrubias. They describe their practice as a dialog of making that results from a shared interest in the juxtaposition of materials and response to space (both architectural and natural) in their exploration of complex emotional states, social justice, and contemporary culture.

Their work most often takes form through sculptural installations which have been realized in different formats; abstract sculpture, multi-media installation, participatory process drawing, among many others. RoCoCo’s projects start from conversations that forge a path leading to ongoing research and a continuous exchange of ideas resulting in experimentation with form, process, and content. They are drawn to how materials can transform and reassign meaning through the way they are brought together in the space they occupy, and they are interested in connecting important human dilemmas to visual, tangible experiences.

Current and Upcoming exhibitions:

Mine the gap
Mercury 20
Oakland, CA
January 12 to February 10, 2024

RoCoCo is short for Rosenberg Covarrubias Collaborations (or collaborative, conspirators, conversations, corporation, coalition, commentators, co-editors, collective, cohorts, you get the idea...)